The Quest For Love

Chapter 1

True Love is really the divine presence resident within each of you, expressing itself in and through you. All love comes from within. There are no external sources of love. That which you seek on the outside already abides within. God, the source of all love, is not some vague entity who exists way out there, somewhere in the misty blue. Rather, God is resident within you. There is no God outside of yourself. I repeat. There is no God outside of yourself. Therefore all that you seek from the external, already exists in the internal. The love you seek, the peace, the joy, etc., they are all within. That’s because they are the byproduct of the God source within.

That which appears to come from without only reflects that which already resides within. You are like a projector. You are continuously projecting the movie of the subconscious mind, unto the screen of the conscious universe. In other words, you are god. You are god in the sense that, you are always, consciously or unconsciously, creating your world. The world you experience is the one you create, you give life to it with your words and thoughts.

The Principle of Separateness

Now, since you believe in separateness you believe that what you wish for comes from outside of yourself. The principle of separateness teaches you that all things are separate and apart. That they are not at all connected. It teaches you, that God is something or someone outside of yourself. God is separate and apart from you. This God will only have any interaction with you when you meet certain conditions. However, if those conditioned are not met then God cannot, and will not, have anything to do with you.

Because of this you see others, not as reflections of yourself, but as being totally separate and apart from you. Therefore the experiences you have with others are all outside of yourself. Those experiences are either inflicted upon you by them, if they are unpleasant. Or they are gifts bestowed to you by them, if they are pleasant.

What this implies is that other people have the power to either give you love, or take it away from you. This is because, you believe that you are separate altogether. You believe that you are totally disconnected from others and that there is no common divine thread which runs through all of us.

All Things Come From Within You

The reality is however that everything, including the love you experience, only reflects what already exist within. Yes, it is resident within your inner being. The inner being you have not taken the time to become fully acquainted with. The you, you do not know. Or, even worst, the self you consciously or unconsciously refuse to acknowledge.

The anger; resentment; judgement; conditional acceptance; fears; etc.; that you experience are all symptoms of your own inner hurts. They are all simply reflections of your inner turmoil. There is no other reality than the one within. The one within, is the creator of the universe you surround yourself with. You are the source of all the love which you have ever or will ever experience. The pain and frustration which you experience, manifest because you are not operating from your center.  It is a sign that you are expecting to receive love from outside of yourself.

Until you get to the point where you become aware that you are love, you shall continuously be looking outside of yourself expecting to receive love, affirmation and acceptance. In its stead you will experience pain, rejection, judgment and disappointment.

The Concept Of External Love

Now I know that what I have just shared with you may, to most, sound rather strange indeed. This is certainly not what they teach in our schools, our places of worship, or our homes. For everywhere, the trumpet blares out not only the rhythm of conditional love. But along with it, the deep; haunting; hypnotic melody of external love. You perceive love as something you receive as a result of your association with others.

The commonly held belief is that without the love of another, we are hopelessly doomed to a lonely, pathetic existence. On the corner of every street they preach the message of, not only external love, but also conditional love. They teach that to get love, we must deserve it. If we are good doing as we they tell us others, including God, will be able to love us.

However if we digress from the path, then that love will suddenly and violently be jerked away from us. Leaving us alone and lonely, until such time as we are able to work our way back into the good graces of those from whom we seek love and affirmation.

Love Is Calling Us

If we would only listen intently we would hear, out of the dark corner, a voice bellowing for all to hear. It is the loud, seductive, echoing plea of love. She cries out to the weary traveler. Beseeching them to come and rest their weary souls in her heavenly bosom.

Love is the abode of the seeker, it is the resting place of the traveler. It is always present and always will be. Yes! love is God. And God is in its  love. Though it seems hidden, love is always visible. It is clear to those who have conditioned their eyes to look into the darkness and see its ever-present, eternal, welcoming glow.

Chapter 2

In order for you to experience love, you must first be willing and able to embrace who you are, unconditionally and without judgment. Yes, you must completely embrace all that you are. You must embrace it with the understanding that you came to the earth to manifest a particular, unparalleled reality. And for that mission you have been fully equipped. You came to express love in a way that only you can.

You cannot be duplicated, nor can you be like anyone else. No one shares with you the same purpose. Nor can they fulfill their purpose, the same way you can. Their purpose and yours are quite different. We are to complement each other, not duplicate. Each one of us is a part of the jigsaw puzzle, together we complete it.

Therefore you cannot be judgmental of others, because they cannot be like you, nor are they here to live up to your expectations. Their purpose is different, and like you they are but another dimension of love.

You are a conscious decision, created from the bosom of love. You are not a mistake, you are magnificently created to carry out your earthly purpose. Every part of you, and every experience focuses and equips you for your destiny. Yes – You Are! In all your completeness – You Are! In all of your perceived incompleteness – You Are! You entered the earth with the right skin tone, the perfect hair and body type, in the right place, in the right house with the right people, at the right time. You did this so that you could fully express all that you are. None of it is a mistake. It is all part of the reality you shaped, in order that you may carry out the purpose for which you descended to the planet.

Therefore, how could you resent that which you created? How could you scorn that which you formed? How could you hate that which you designed to bring out of you the essence of Love? Only when you have learnt to embrace all and accept them fully, understanding that they are all your creations and the outward manifestation of that which is within. Only then will you be set free by love’s gentle, empowering, all-embracing, liberating hand.

Yes, you created all the experiences which you have had. You are the mastermind behind those experiences which you are currently experiencing and those which we are yet to experience.

There is the understanding in many cultures that we existed before we came to the planet. We are eternal beings manifesting in time and space. Most ancient cultures embraced the concept of reincarnation.

The Jews embraced that belief as well. It is for that reason that Jesus said of John the Baptist: “…he is Elijah who is to come”. It is for that same reason that the Jews asked John the Baptist:, “Then who are you? Are you Elijah?” It is quite obvious from that question, that they expected Elijah to return.

Even to this day the Jews still hold the belief of reincarnation. The idea of us having only one life to live and after that is judgment or annihilation, is basically a modern Christian and Islāmic fear based concept.

When Jesus said: “Before Abraham was, I Am.” He was simply echoing an ancient concept taught in the mystery schools. This knowledge basically says that we are eternal, we always existed and always will exist.

In  Sunday school as a child, you learnt that you are spirit, or at the very least, that you have a spirit. Now, one of the characteristics of spirit is this, spirit has no beginning and it has no end. Yes, spirit does not have a beginning. Some would agree that spirit is eternal, but yet say that we only got our spirit when we were born. In other words, our spirit did not exist before our present incarnation. That is impossible, because the very concept of something, or someone, being eternal depends upon their, not only having no end but also, no beginning.

God is eternal because God has no beginning or end. If God has a beginning then God cannot be eternal, regardless of how long he lives afterwards. Spirit is by its very nature eternal. Therefore if we are Spirit, that spirit which we are is eternal. It always existed and always will exist. Therefore, you have always existed and always will exist. The only thing that changes is your place and your form.  And so, as a result, you can confidently echo the words of the Christ: ‘Before Abraham was – I Am.’

The ancients go beyond that however and teach that not only did you exist before you came to the planet. They also believed that you were also an active participant in the decision to incarnate here. Yes,you willing came to the planet. In spite of what modern religions teach you. The ancients believed that you made the choice. You did not arbitrarily get your parents. No, you actively chose them.

What this indicates is that you chose the race you would be born into. You also chose the place of your birth. You decided your gender, etc. All these things you chose before your incarnation, in order that you might be able to fulfill your mission.

Now, if we are to believe the ancients, you are not by any means a victim. No, you are the determiner of your destiny. A destiny you chose long before you entered this realm in your present bodies. Part of the work that being in this realm involves, is reconnecting with that mission. Thereby not allowing the matrix to distract you from your real purpose.

Your mission on the planet, your chief aim is to fully, yet uniquely manifest love. No one  manifests love the way that you can.

When you begin to fully understand and appreciate that you are love, and accept your purpose here  – to fully, magically and majestically give expression of that love. You become aware that you cannot expect to find love by looking to someone outside of yourself. No one can give love to you. No one has that much power, for they were not created to give you love. Only you can do that.

Unless, and until, you assimilate the lessons that you need to learn, in order for you to fully evolve, you shall continuously draw to yourself that which your subconscious created to process and purify you. You shall attract people, and experiences, whose main purpose is to make you a true expression of the only reality – love. Yes love is our only reality, anything other than love is but an illusion. A fear based illusion.

If you are unable to experience love, it is because you have refused to look for it within. When we are not able to experience love, it can often result in us attempting to exploit and manipulate those around us. Trying to get out of them the love and acceptance which they can only help us bring it out from ourselves. Many become, over time, quite expert at utilizing manipulation techniques to con others into doing what they want them to do. This they engage in, in order that they might have experience being loved.

The use of tears to awaken sympathy, is just one of the many tools which women use. Sex is another tool which is either used as an enticement or as a means of punishment. For her male counterpart money and gifts, or the promise of these, are the instruments of choice. Though these are effective as tools of manipulation, they will not bring about the attaining of love – unconditional love.

The problem with manipulation is that, after we have gotten the objects of our attention to conform to our wishes. When they fail to satisfy our ‘needs’ we become angry and resentful. We then begin to victimize them, because they can no longer fulfill our expectations. Consequently, we try to cast blame upon them for not giving to us that which only we are capable of giving to ourselves.

Chapter 3

Love Transforms You

When you become awakened to the reality that the source of all love is internal, a dramatic shift begins to take place about, not only how you see yourself, but also how you perceive others. There are three principal changes which take place with you.

Firstly You No Longer Use Others

When you truly comprehend that you are love, you no longer use people to fulfill your needs. You no longer view them as toys you indulge in at your whimsical delight. Instead, you appreciate them for who they truly are. You view them as wonderful, inspiring, incomparable, manifestations of love.

You can look beyond what may seem as faults and behold the beauty; the Christ; the Atman; the Ori; the radiant Divine within. You truly love, because you are finally able to give of yourself expecting nothing in return from them or anyone else.

Secondly You Are No Longer Addicted

As you become fully connected to the notion that all Love comes for within, you lose the addiction to people, places and things. This happens because you understand that you are complete. No one completes you. Nothing fulfills you, you already are. You lack nothing, for you are everything. The people, places and things appear in your consciousness, because the subconscious brought them forth to perfect love in you.

Many times, what you view as love is nothing more than addiction. The feeling that without this person in your life you just are not able to exist, is symptomatic of addiction. This is a common notion of ‘love’ which is peddled by Hollywood and the music industry. Is it any wonder that people are willing to commit suicide, or even homicide, should the source of their ‘love’ be no longer available?

These people  believe that the source of all love is external. As a result they are unable to conceive of life without someone to slavishly pander to their ‘needs’. When someone says to you: “I cannot live without you”, they are not expressing love. What they are revealing is their own insecurities and their need to have someone in their life.

Yes, having someone in your life that you love and who loves you in return makes life a lot more pleasurable and indeed quite enjoyable. When that person is no longer there you will miss them immensely. However, because you are complete in yourselves, you do not feel hopelessly lost without them.

You are aware that they came for a reason. After they have fulfilled their purpose it is time for them to move on. When you attempt to hold on to any relationship after its expiry date, you are fighting against the universe and  hindering your own progress and development.

Also, when you understand the true source of all love, no one is a hindrance to your happiness in any way. In fact, they are the aid you need to develop and advance on your journey to manifesting your fullest, truest self. Their intolerable attributes and unbearable manners, all aid you in meeting your goal of experiencing self-advancement and full self-discovery.

Thirdly You Develop A Spirit Of Gratitude

You are grateful because you have learnt to appreciate the astonishing being that you are. You are a divine expression of all that is good. You are one of a kind, on an adventure that’s designed to bring out the highest good in you. All the while, helping others to realize the awesome love that’s yet to manifest itself within them.

You become filled with gratitude for everything that manifests in your life. Being fully aware that it is manifesting for only one purpose – your good. Nothing is, in and of itself, evil. Things, events and people only appear that way because you perceive them so.

The events, the people and the experiences are all part of all part of the journey you agreed to walk. Yes, they manifested so that you might walk in your predestined path and fully manifest who you are.

If we look at the lives of some of the world’s most successful people, those who have had the greatest impact on the lives of many. We would realize that they are, quite often, the end product of rather painful experiences. It could be said that had they not had those experiences, they would not have developed into the persons they eventually became. That which destroyed others, was the catalyst for their great achievements. That which appeared disguised as ‘evil’ was the very instrument which propelled them to greatness. If they did not have those experiences, it is most likely that history would have long ago deleted their page.

Chapter 4

Replacing Fear With Love

Man is on an eternal quest to find love. We are driven by that one overwhelming need. Our path on the road of life takes us on an eternal search for love. The extent to which we are able to discover it, determines the extent to which we are able to give it to others. The greatest discovery we can ever make, is the realization that love can only be found in one place. It can only be found in the Divine that surrounds us, the Divine that is in us, the Divine that is us.

The love of the Divine is like an all-embracing circle – there is no beginning and no end. It is the creative, healing energy which fills the inner spaces of the universe. It is, as the ancient mystery schools describes it, and as it is written in the bible, ‘the All in all’. In other words, it is the substance which creates everything and of which all things are composed.

The Divine essence fills everything in the universe. Everything came out of the Divine. The Divine essence (God) does not have love – it is Love. It is love in its glorious perfection – it is unconditional love.

Unconditional Love

If this being we call God, for want of a better word, is love; it stands to reason that all that this being thinks, intends and does is nothing but the fullest expression of love – Perfect Love. Now, one of the characteristics of Perfect Love is that it is unconditional. The word unconditional carries with it the understanding of their being absolutely no conditions attached whatsoever. Unconditional Love means just what it says, it cannot be explained any other way. Anytime there is a condition attached to love, it is no longer ‘unconditional’.

Now this means that: love, in its perfection, requires nothing of you in order for you to receive its glorious gifts. Love is given freely without preconditions or limitations. There is nothing that you can do, or not do, that would qualify or disqualify you from receiving Love. You can rest in the comforting assurance that you are eternally loved. There would never be a time, regardless of your behavior, when the flames of love would be diminished or extinguished. Divine Love accepts you just as you are, with all of your peculiarities, idiosyncrasies and imperfections – no change required.

Fear An Instrument Of Control

When those who believe they have the right to rule seek to enslave the masses, one of the tools which they exploit to the fullest is fear. Manly Palmer Hall says:

“To repress rebellion is to maintain the status quo, a condition which binds the moral creature in a state of intellectual or physical slavery. But it is impossible to chain man merely by enslaving his body; the mind also must be held, and to accomplish this, fear is the accepted weapon. The common man must fear life, fear death, fear the Devil and fear most the overlords, the keepers of his destiny.”

This indicates to us that the elite desires to keep up control. They seek to do this not just by having you conform. Conformity is the noose tied around the necks of the masses. The masses who even in their quest to rebel are in that very act conforming. The greatest control mechanism however, as Hall indicated, is FEAR. Yes, the people must be kept in fear to control them.

So almost from birth you are bound in the chains of fear. Your religious institutions, your holy book, your family upbringing and even your ‘education’ are the tools used to do this. The messages that you receive through your social networks, entertainment channels; television news; radio and print media and in many instances your spiritual teachers and guides; all fuel the energy of fear. Fear cripples, not only the psyche but the body as well. Fear causes you to lose your sense of self. When fear grips you, you become weak and un-creative. As a result of fear, you lose your ability to resist the instruments of control.

Fear Destroys You Physically

Fear not only negatively impacts the mind, but it also affects the body. You are a spirit beings residing in a body. That which affects the spirit will inevitably impact the body. Science has proven that over ninety percent (90%) of our sicknesses are psychosomatic. This implies that they are the result of what your thinking – not the food you eat, the water you drink, nor any physiological reason. Now if sicknesses are the result of your thinking. What this indicates is that most cancers, heart problems and other medical conditions would all but vanish if we are somehow able to correct the thought processes that brought them about in the first place.

Fear is the second most powerful emotion. Sales people are aware of that and as a result, it is one of the most frequently used tools in the attempt to get the client to commit to a sale. Man’s greatest fear is the fear of losing that which they already have. Fear together with its off springs: guilt, worry, depression and poor self-esteem is a powerful force for destruction. When you are living with these emotional handcuffs on, you can be easily manipulated and controlled by those who seek to do so. We must recognize that once fear comes into the equation, God is no longer involved. The love of the Divine is perfect so it is unconditional. There is no fear involved. The Supreme is all-embracing and has no favorites, because everything is but an extension of the All.


Chapter 5

The Off Springs Of Fear

1. Guilt The Offspring Of Fear

Fear of God produces Guilt. Fear causes you to see the supreme as a vengeful, judgmental being who is always on the lookout for any infractions you may make. If you are out of line, his blessings are withheld and wrath becomes the obvious result of your misdeeds. Consequently, you vigorously seek to abide by the commandments. When you fail, as you must, you ‘know,’ with great certainty, that you will incur the condemnation that is ‘justly’ due to you.

The key to understanding all of this, is to come to the awareness that those who believe in judgment, experience judgment. On the other hand, those who believe in unconditional love, experience unconditional love.

Now, here is how this plays out. Because you believe these negative things will come upon you, be it at the conscious or subconscious level. And the universe always responds to your faith, giving you what you truly believe in and expect, be they positive or negative. Whazang! You magically attract the very things you fear. Further validating your belief that God is angry with you and that these are merely acts of judgment which you so justly deserve. This has the domino effect of increasing your guilt. Thereby making it even more difficult for you to accept, at the deepest level, the concept of unconditional love.

If you are convinced that concepts such as karma/judgment/retribution are simply figments of vivid imaginations and tools of manipulation and control. Then you continue to draw unto yourself the manifestations of unconditional love regardless of what you have done, or what others may think you deserve for the acts you have committed.

Some time ago, I read of a woman who actually threw herself off a ship. Why? Because she believed that she had committed ‘the unpardonable sin.’ Can you imagine a sin being unpardonable? How does one ever overcome that? Her last act speaks to the disastrous effects that guilt can have on you. I interject however, that in my experience, even when I realize that guilt is a control mechanism used to enslave me, I still find it extremely difficult to break its shackles. It takes lots of conscious work and much time to escape its strangling jaws.

The only way you can liberate yourself, is by firmly acknowledging that you are conditioned, almost from birth, to accept sin and guilt as facts of life – as reality. You must fully appreciate and accept, that there is no easy way to liberate yourself from the stifling grip of Fear. The longer you are under that type of conditioning, the more difficult it is for you to escape its strangling clutch.

What is Sin?

What in reality is Sin?  Well, I will give you a definition which I can assure you, you will not  find in any dictionary you may read.

Sin: A tool employed by those who seek power, to set up and keep control over their subjects; any act which is a threat to the maintaining of power by governmental and religious leaders; that which goes against established social norms; one means by which the will of the follower is broken and made subservient to those in authority.

The concept of sin is quite debilitating to those who must come under it stifling stronghold. It robs you of the ability to live a truly creative and adventurous life. It traps you in the mire of conformity.  Without the concept of sin you are free to act as you see fit. You are free to make decisions which rebound to the benefit of yourself and those you love, without causing unwarranted injury to others. You live with the understanding that you are your brother’s keeper, and that we are all in fact one. As a result, any act which causes injury to another also, directly or indirectly, injures us as well.

Breaking The Power of Guilt

You must embrace as a fact, that the Universe loves you and accepts you just the way you are. Love wants you to be the best that you can be. It desires that you reach the zenith of your human experience, so that you can fulfill the work you came to this planet to do. Love works only to make sure that you are equipped with all that you need to fulfill your mission. All that it requires is that you fully comprehend that you are loved; no conditions attached.

With that knowledge fully entrenched in your psyche you will be able to forever liberate yourself from the emotional, spiritual, and physical slavery that fear engenders. For once, you will be able to truly stand tall and proclaim with full assurance – I AM FREE!

When people say to me that the problem we have with the young people in our disenfranchised communities is the lack of the knowledge of God, I have to disagree. I usually retort: “Have you ever considered that God may in fact be the very reason that we have problems with them?”

We have conditioned generations of people to feel unworthy, indeed they are made to feel rather worthless. We have inculcated in their minds, the concept that they were ‘born in sin and shaped in iniquity’. We have told them that their sin, which they are born with, causes God to hide his face from them, so repulsive does their appearance become to him. This sin, which is no fault of theirs, actually separates them from God – their creator and source.

Their only hope of deliverance is to renounce their sins and laying themselves prostrate before this God, who finds it difficult to even look at them. But more than that, they must commit to walking ‘the straight and narrow path’ in order that they might have any chance of enjoying fellowship with him. Even in spite of all of this, they are told that they must still work out their salvation with ‘Fear and Trembling’. If they do not, they stand a great chance of incurring the wrath of God and thereby be confined to an eternity in the fires of Hell. A place where the fire is not quenched and the worms never die, so hopeless will be their cause.

Who is the one responsible for placing them there? Well actually themselves. Yes! You see this ‘God of Love’ who created them, and everything in the world including the Devil and his abode, can only save them from that torturous future, if they strictly adhere to his demanding moral path. At the same time, they must bear in mind that they are saved not because of their good deeds. No, that is never and could never be good enough. They are, at the end of the day, saved by the ‘grace of God.’

When we make people feel so worthless and ugly, how can we expect them to develop into confident, fully functional members of society. Is it any wonder that the self-hate, which we have nurtured, leads to ‘antisocial’ behavior. The miscreant, are they not our handy work?

If however we were to teach the concept of their oneness with the Divine. Instilling in them a sense of worthiness, while empowering them with the reality of unconditional Love. Could we not, in a few generations, completely transform them and their communities.

2. Worry The Second Offspring

Worry, like its sibling guilt, is the cause of much pain, both emotional and physical, in our world today.  It is the pandemic which we must take control of as individuals and as a community.

Everything in our world today almost seems designed to keep us on that frequency. We cannot seem to escape. When we talk with our friends and family, when we turn on the dumb box (television), listen to the radio or surf the internet it is always glaring at us.

One of the reasons for worry, is the belief that you live in a hostile environment. You are conditioned to view the universe as one that is opposed to your well being. You are conditioned to believe, that you are in a fight all by yourselves. You believe that when you are experiencing any difficulty it is because you are either unworthy, or have violated some law or principle of God. Therefore as a result, the Supreme may have withdrawn its Love from you. Because of your conditioning, you find it extremely difficult to view the universe as benevolent. Instead you perceive it as a vengeful, hostile entity. One which will turn against you in a flash if you violate any of its laws.

3. Depression The Third Offspring

Fear based thinking is one of the chief architects of depression. One of the reasons that you may develop depression is when you mistakenly believe that you are fighting against a world that is hostile to you. This would have been confirmed by events that would have taken place in your life. Those events would have proven to you, that everything is going against you. You therefore become consumed with the notion that possibly, you are paying for some act/acts of the past. You, as a result, easily fall into the rather seductive trap of believing that because of your unworthiness, you are experiencing this ‘special’ treatment.

As you dwell on the negative situations that face you, the darkness squeezes you in even tighter. You become completely engulfed in its ever-increasing black hole. The outcome is, a feeling of utter hopelessness from which there appears no means of escape. No one cares enough to help you. You exist in a universe filled with people, but yet all alone.

It appears as though the lights are off on you. In those days of despair, it seems as though you will never again be able to see the dawning of a new day. Night and day all look the same, there is no difference. Even the simplest activity becomes a chore. Laying in bed seems the only option, it is all you have the will to do. Simple tasks, like having a bath and taking care of yourself, become monumental activities. You feel totally dis-empowered, overwhelmed by a feeling of weakness and utter hopelessness. You drag yourself through the ‘day’, filled with the knowledge that you am simply getting what you rightly deserve. Convinced that the universe has completely given up on you.

Having therefore been sapped of your will to live, you lay alone in your impenetrable blackness awaiting your ultimate demise. An affliction which you know will eventually take place. One which you do not have either the strength or will to resist.

4. Poor Self Esteem

As a result of the sin/perfection; worthy/unworthy; judgment/forgiveness; punishment/reward; concepts which we are conditioned to accept, almost before we came out of our mother’s womb, many of us have developed a poor sense of self.

We are inculcated with the idea that we have to perform in order for us to receive love. Our minds are conditioned to believe that something is never received, without something being given in return. We are also indoctrinated with the belief that if we are unable to perform at required levels, we will inevitably lose even that which we have.

Part of that conditioning is the belief that all love, including God’s, is conditional. Therefore we have to apply much effort to receive it.

Fear that God may not Love us, or that the Divine Source may get angry with us, is our constant burden. The greatest fear some of us may have is: that if we are not careful enough we may even commit the ‘unpardonable sin’. The problem with that is, no one seems to know what that is. Having committed the unpardonable sin, we no longer have any chance whatsoever of ever receiving God’s Love again.

Our physical defects, life’s challenges, illnesses and even death are all considered acts of God’s judgment upon us, brought about because of our unworthy deeds. Calamitous events are surely ‘evidence’ of our ‘sins’.

Many well-meaning persons, when seeking to counsel those who have found themselves in some sort of distress, would tell them to carefully look at their life to make sure that their present situation is not the result of some sin which they may have consciously or unconsciously committed. As inconsiderate as that may seem to some who have not been so conditioned, it is but the unfortunate side effects of an insidious mental programming which has been in effect for at least two thousand years.

The result being that we are always on our guard to make sure that we stay inline and do not become a ‘castaway’. We live with the ever-present awareness that we are not worthy of God’s love and are only able to get by because of his ‘grace’. This grace will be removed at an instant if we do not submit to his every command.

What we have not learnt is that any ‘Love’ that is conditional, is not love at all. We must come to the place where we fully understand and accept that any ‘Love’ that has us living in constant fear of losing it, is not worth having in the first place.

We must appreciate that we are the very essence of the Divine. We are a mirrored reflection of the universal force men call God. We are in all actuality, nothing but a physical reflection of a spiritual reality. We are at any moment infinite possibility and are always abounding with unspeakable potential. We are, even when it may seem otherwise, the best that there could be.

Overcome With Love Consciousness

In order for us to penetrate the extremely thick layers of conditioning which has been the bane of our ‘civilized’ societies, we need to systematically and purposefully re-condition our minds. We must as a matter of course, liberate ourselves from the indoctrination of conditional Love. Firstly, we must accept that God (the Divine Essence) is Love – unconditional Love.

Secondly, we must embrace the reality that we are one with the Divine Essence, and all love resides within us, not external of us.

Thirdly, we need to internalize the reality that we are perfection, just the way we are.

And fourthly, we must believe that the universe is intrinsically a place of Love and that all things, regardless of how they may seem, are working for our good.

We must embrace Unconditional Love as our only reality. We must develop Love Consciousness. Love Consciousness can only flourish in an environment of Unconditional Love. It involves the total acceptance of ourselves, just the way we are. It also requires that we accept love as an all embracing living energy, a being that is totally and completely in Love with us. One which will never leave us or forsake us. An ever-present companion, loving us at all times, even in our darkest moments.

As a result, we must seek to live every moment in the knowledge that Ever Present Love is always with us, working on our behalf. We must fully embrace the awareness that we are the apple of his eye. Yes! To the Divine we are like 500 carat diamonds glistening in the sunlight of its Love. Ever Present Love is not gender specific, in fact it is whatever gender you need it to be at any given moment.

Here is how you can embrace Love Consciousness: Feel its warm embrace, as it hugs you snugly in its tender/loving arms. Smile while you listen as its soothing, reassuring voice speaks melodiously of its love for you. Visualize the two of you sitting in the garden enjoying each other’s presence as you listen to the birds whistle in the trees. Hear Unconditional Love whisper to you, telling you in the sweetest tones possible, how wonderful you really are. As you feel Divine Love completely blanketing you with its Love, bask in its comforting presence. Allow it to penetrate deep within and fill you with passion and joy. Give thanks for all the love you have received, and are receiving, from him/her. Be grateful! Gratitude always brings about increase.

As you develop the habit of living in that perpetual state of abiding in love, you will discover that you are attracting more and more loving relationships into your life. Yes, that happens because what you would have done is change the energetic field that surrounds you. As a result, you open the door for those beings who operate in the Love frequency to discover and connect with you.

When fear attacks and the currents press in, LET GO and let Ever Present Love take control. Rest in the knowledge that it has already decided the matter and the decision is….YOU ARE VICTORIOUS! Make it your aim to practice living every moment of everyday in Love awareness. Take the time to communicate to Ever Present Love while feeling its loving arms wrapped around your body. Yes! Love is everywhere.

Chapter 6

Love Is Not For The Faint Hearted

Our world is based on the concept of conditional ‘love’. From the cradle to the grave, we are programmed to accept that it is the way love works. This has become so ingrained in our consciousness, that we have not only learnt to expect it from others, we in turn practice it ourselves. We find it extremely difficult to accept that the concept of unconditional love is even possible. So much so, that we even associate the Divine with conditional love and acceptance.

We speak of God loving us ‘if’ we behave in a particular way, bringing wrath and judgment if we do otherwise. We have even learnt to associate negative events in our lives with the punishment and judgment of the Divine essence, paradoxically referred to as a ‘loving God’. Even natural events which cause catastrophes, like earthquakes and hurricanes, are described as ‘acts of God’.

To many of us unconditional love is a concept rooted in unreality, a panacea, a figment of a fertile imagination, but not possible or even practical. To believe in unconditional love means that we will have to shatter our entire well-loved and accepted belief systems. These beliefs are what we have learnt as ‘infallible truths’, both intellectually and experimentally, all of our lives. These beliefs are also in many ways, used as the very foundation for all of our life’s decisions. And for many that is the hardest part of it all.

Even to think of unconditional love, is for some the same as declaring there is no God. So thick has the conditioning been laid on, that some will even kill to defend their fire blazing, flesh destroying ‘God of love’ from the heretics who dare teach the concept of all embracing Love. Though it is not my intention, I know that by now some would have stopped reading in disgust, but for those that are willing to shake off the shackles and move to another dimension of spiritual reality are urged to continue.

One of the questions I ask people I work with is: “Tell me how would you feel, if you knew that there was nothing you could do or have done in the past that could in any way change the way God sees you or how much you are loved?”  The usual response is, a big sigh of relief; a brightening of the countenance; a broad smile; a light in the eyes; a straightening of the posture and then they utter something like, “Wonderful! Awesome!”

Unfortunately that does not last for very long, as the conditioning quickly regains its stranglehold on the individual’s psyche. To attempt to teach unconditional love seems almost like a fight against the very atmosphere of the western world, tantamount to declaring that gravity does not exist or that oxygen is not necessary for our existence. A teaching wrought from the fires of Hell.

Let me declare, before the guillotine is slammed upon my neck. As I am jeered at by the bloodthirsty mob seething with anger, whose thirst will not be quenched until every drop of blood is absorbed by the earth. It is my firm belief that many of our societal and health issues stem from the very concept of conditional love, ingrained in our consciousness. These ‘truths’ are always there. They make sure that we are under a cloud of guilt and judgment. GUILT + JUDGMENT = FEAR. This not only creates a body that is at dis-ease, but also a mindset of unworthiness and shame. This has a tremendous impact, not only on how we see ourselves, but also how we view and deal with others.

When people have a negative view of themselves they are:

More Likely To Be Aggressive

The more comfortable you are with yourself, the more likely you are to treat others kindly with you. The less I love who I Am, the greater the likelihood that I will be aggressive towards you. My inner self-directed hostility will express itself in anger towards those who I perceive as either a threat to me, or reflections of the me I see in the mirror.

If I don’t feel good about who I am, I naturally assume that when you look at me, you will behold the same unworthiness in me that I see in myself. So to hide my pain and to protect myself, I – as the saying goes –‘take in front before in front takes me’. Meaning I make sure my gun is loaded and ready to fire – figuratively and literally – before you open yours on me.

This is one of the major problems that we have witnessed in black/ African, former slave communities. In these communities this self-hatred manifests itself, not just in self-destructive behaviors, but in the seeming inability of blacks to treat other blacks as generously and as lovingly as they would persons of other races. Ultimately culminating in what is referred to as ‘black on black’ violence.

The prognosis is quite simple: If I look into the mirror and hate what I see there, then you can rest assured that when I look at you, and you reflect the me I have grown to despise, I will hate you as well.

This, to me, is one of the premier problems in the black community. And no amount of money thrown at the problem will solve it. Unless and until we are able to arrest the epidemic of poor self-worth in these communities in particular, and black people in the diaspora and continent at large, there is very little hope on the horizon. Only when black people can look at their hue; the texture of their hair; the expanse of their lips and hips and feel immense pride, would we be on our way to solving the problems we so graphically lament but seem clueless to solve.  Until such time our situation will not only remain the same, but would in fact worsen.

Incapable Of Truly Loving Others

A precondition to loving another is that, I must first possess the ability to love myself. When I am incapable of loving myself fully and completely, then I am unable to truly love others.

More than that though, is the principle which states that: I will only be able to love you, to the degree that I am able to love myself. The more I love who I am, the more I will be able to dispense love to you. The less I love myself, the less likely it is that I will be able to reach out in love towards you.

What many people consider love is not in its true essence love at all. But can rather be described as an addiction, since it is based on need and dependency.  A relationship where two people really love each other is not based on need but on trust, mutual respect and admiration. They are as assured about who they are with the other person, as they are when they are alone. True love manifests, when two whole beings come together thereby producing a greater whole.

Engage In Self-Destructive Behaviors

A sense of unworthiness can produce self-hatred, which can manifest itself in compulsive and self-destructive behaviors. It has been proven over and over that the more people have problems accepting themselves, the more likely they are to engage in behaviors that are inimical to their own best interest.

Addictive behaviors be they: alcohol, drugs, gambling and sexual addictions are usually the acts of people who have very low self-esteem.  Some of these individuals may have often been the victims of abuse, be it sexual, verbal or psychological abuse. As an aside, I will mention that in surveys done it has been shown that most sex workers, whether in the pornography business or as prostitutes, have themselves been sexually abused.

Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, are themselves indicative of persons who have immense trouble accepting and appreciating themselves as they are. They have internalized a message which says that they are not beautiful the way they are, and so have learnt to self-hate.

Persons who mutilate themselves or ‘self-harm’ are in fact dealing with deep emotional pain and rejection buried within. So many times when counseling with such individuals they will initially declare that they have no such issues, until you are able to dig deep within and all the skeletons come rushing back up to the surface.

They Are More Likely To Be Sick And Diseased

Sickness is many times symptomatic of a mind that is in a place of dis-ease. Since the body is really only a reflection of the mind, projecting the thoughts of the mind unto the physical construct. Those thoughts, be they positive or negative, will affect not only the way the body looks but also the way it functions.

It Can Originate From One Of Two Places

Firstly, the negative thoughts we allow to enter the  door of our mind; through what we see; hear or think; is one of the ways that it becomes easy for diseases to build a home in our bodies. Giving them entrance and entertaining them, will prove disastrous to our health and general well-being.

I remember at a particular time in my life I was quite busy and not able to eat the way I wanted to. One day I was walking, one of my favorite pastimes, and complaining to God about my situation. I heard a voice say to me, ‘It is not what you are eating that is the problem, it is what is eating you.’ I said ‘WHAT!’ in utter shock. As the voice repeated: ‘It is not what you are eating that is the problem, it is what’s eating you.’

I was absolutely shocked. I had always placed such great emphasis on what I put into my body, and now I was being told that it was not the real issue. The real issue was really what I was feeding my mind. For many days I contemplated it, until it really sunk in and I was able to accept it for what it was.

We all know persons who place such great emphasis on their health and yet get sick, even to the point of death at a rather early age. On the other hand there are others who do all the things that we are told we should not do, who live to a ripe old age and do so rather healthily.

Dr. Dean Ormish in his book ‘Love and Survival: How Good Relationships Can Bring You Health and Well-being’, tells us of experiments which were conducted which showed that persons who had many close relationships were less likely to get sick than those who had fewer. It also revealed that when the first group did in fact get sick they were more likely to recover and were also less likely to get ill again. The opposite was true for those who were isolated from their family and had little or no friends.

Yes the mind is indeed a very powerful tool for good or bad; for health or dis-ease. How we think, can impact us in more ways than we would care to consider.

Our Concept Of God Influences Our Health

The second factor which influences our thought patterns and impacts our health, is our concept of God. Everything in our life begins with how we view our God. Our view of our physical reality is based to a large extent on our perception of our Creator. How we perceive the Divine will play a very critical role in determining how, we not only think about ourselves, but also our world including the people who make up that world.

If we believe that God’s love is conditional, and that this God is a God of judgment. Then we will be judgmental of others who we believe do not measure up to our standards or the standards of our God.

It is my firm belief that religion makes it impossible for people to really love. Now I know that will shock many, but the fact is that true love is unconditional. When we love others the way we should, we do not place conditions on that love. Instead, we accept them as they are, not as we would like them to be. With religion however, we are conditioned to love those who measure up. On the other hand we tolerate, at best, of those who do not.

In some strict cult like groups, adherents are instructed not to associate with friends and family members, simply because they do not belong to the group and therefore are not ‘saved’.

Religion has a well-documented history of separating families and creating conflict even to the point of war. The many religious wars and the many millions who have had their lives violently snuffed out, simply because they belonged to the wrong religion bears testimony to this fact. It is believed that more people have died as a result of religion,  than those who have died as a result of all the wars ever waged put together.

Killer Emotions

One of the keys to good health however is understanding that emotions like fear, judgment, envy, jealousy, etc., are all killer emotions. Yes, these emotions literally kill us and will hustle us off to our grave.

If our God is bipolar or schizophrenic in nature, loving one moment then moved to fits of blood thirsty anger and vengeance on another, because some ordinance has been violated. Or choosing to love one set of individuals over others. Whilst, simply because of their nationality, plunging whole nations to the depths of condemnation. Worst yet, completely annihilating others because of their place of birth. This God even goes about choosing some people among ‘the chosen nation’, while despising others in that same nation for some frivolous reason. If this is our God, then our world is most volatile and uncertain indeed. How can one ever really be sure that one has done all that is necessary to receive ‘love’ and acceptance?

Is it any wonder that one is commanded to, “…work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” Living life in that state of utter uncertainty and mental volatility is to me a very traumatic existence.

As a coping mechanism some have made it a case of giving mental assent to certain beliefs as the key to gaining that salvation. Others have chosen to focus on some fringe doctrine or doctrines, all in an attempt to avoid having to measure up to the imposing standards that are, for the most part, truly unattainable. Even the very best of us would find it almost impossible to not ‘commit adultery with our eyes’.

But there is a key verse in the scripture that many ignore to their peril. Here is what it says:

“We need have no fear of someone who loves us perfectly; his perfect love for us eliminates all dread of what he might do to us. If we are afraid, it is for fear of what he might do to us and shows that we are not fully convinced that he really loves us.” (TLB)

In other words, if we truly knew God and really understood the love that the Divine has for us, we will be set free and totally liberated from the worry and fear of what might happen to us if we ‘missed the mark’ (sinned). The fact that we have any worry or concern about being judged and punished, is a sure sign that we just do not comprehend the full extent of that love.

Chapter 7

Embracing A New Mindset

The only way you can escape the abyss of self-hate is by changing your mindset. You must discover the overwhelming, joy of embracing unconditional love. You must also allow yourself to be filled with the wonder of knowing that you are completely loved and accepted. Just the way you are. This by no stretch of the imagination is an easily attainable state of consciousness. However, with some effort it can be realized. Below I have taken the time to outline a few things that needs to be practiced, but they must be followed diligently if they are to achieve the goal which is, true self-love.

Forgiving Yourself

Learning to forgive yourself is an act that would require persistent effort. For many times, it is so much more difficult to forgive ourselves, than it is to forgive another. In order for you to achieve this, you need to make the practice of self forgiveness a continuous, daily, effort. At the first few attempts, it may seem almost impossible to do. However, with continued effort it becomes easier as time goes by.

You must persist until you are absolutely certain that you truly feel loved in every fiber of your being. In order to do this, you will need to set aside a particular time each day where you can be alone. Allow yourself to get into a meditative/prayerful state. At the same time allow Spirit to bring to your mind, all the ‘wrong’ or hurtful things you have done. As each past act comes to mind, you must mind fully forgive yourself for each one, one at a time.

As the healing process takes place, things you had long forgotten will re-emerge, begging to be released. This you must do. For what we do not appreciate is that we act not based on the conscious mind, but on the subconscious. Even though you may have consciously forgotten these things, your subconscious remembers and makes decisions based on that stored information.

Now, once you feel that you have truly forgiven yourself for a particular action or thought, you must then allow yourself to move on to the next event until that to is released from your spirit. Repeating the act, until finally there is nothing more to release.

Now this is no quick fix, as it may need repeated efforts to completely heal. That’s because, even after you are convinced that you have forgiven yourself, out of the blue the pain can reignite once more.

The Power Of Affirmations

Positive affirmations are also required in this effort to turn the tables on yourself. What many do not realize, is that affirmations are very powerful tools that can be employed in trying to bring about personal transformation. This works on two levels:

Firstly: Words are instruments of transformation, they have within them atomic power which can be used both positively and negatively. They are instruments of creation. Words, your words, have the power to create universes. In fact, the very universe you live in now was created by words – your words. When you speak words, you are speaking to that which is not seen and bringing it into sight. With your words you are causing that which you desire to become manifest in your life.

The bible tells us, that when God wanted to create the world, he spoke it into being. In the New Testament gospel of John God is the Word. Incidentally that was the same way the ancient Egyptians referred to their deity, Amen-Ra. They tell us that Amen-Ra created the world by his word. In fact, the Egyptian hieroglyphics for Ra/Re is the mouth.

The Upanishad informs us, that if we know Aum (Amen) we will have all things. In other words, we will be able to create our world through the power of the living word that comes out of our mouth.

Yes words are living, powerful, energetic entities. The late Dr. Masaru Emoto showed through his many experiments, that words have the power to change the shapes of crystals either positively or negatively. Just pasting a word on a jar of water would either negatively or positively affect how the crystals were shaped. A negative word would create an ugly shape, a positive word would create a beautiful crystal.

It matters not if the words you speak are positive or negative in frequency, the universe is not so concerned. All it does is bring into physical manifestation that which you have spoken. So when you make statements like: ‘Nobody loves me.’ Or ‘I will never find the right person’. Or ‘I don’t have luck with relationships’.

Guess what? Surprise, surprise, that is exactly what you will get. That is what you will manifest, regardless of whatever opposing actions you may take. In this case your words override your actions, as it does every other time.

Secondly the words you speak transforms you. The human mind works like this, what you hear impacts you. Or put another way, the information you feed upon is what you unconsciously act upon. If you keep hearing the same things repeatedly, then you begin to believe it at the subconscious level. It is at the subconscious level that your actions are determined.

It is for that reason, that you may, many times, decide that you are going to take a particular course of action. However for some seemingly un-explainable reason, we discover that we are never quite able to do it consistently. The reason this takes place, is because the act or acts that we are attempting and our subconscious are in conflict. Whenever there is conflict, the subconscious always wins.

So by the constant, repeated use of affirmations, we are reprogramming our subconscious. Replacing the information it already has stored, with the new information we desire to materialize. As a result, when we seek to perform the desired act or wish to manifest the desired outcome, it becomes possible. That happens because we have eliminated the previous information, thereby producing an atmosphere of harmony between the conscious and the subconscious.

Guarding Your Company

Since you are a product of your environment it is very important that you keep you environment sterile, free from all contaminants. That includes, but is not limited to your friends; family relationships; religious institutions; the books you read; the movies you watch; etc. Anything or anyone who will in any way attempt to belittle you, or destroy your sense of self, must be removed from your environment as much as it is humanly possible. If you do not remove these negative elements, they will only act as impediments to your progress.

If you am unable at any given time, to completely remove them from your environment. Then you must limit and control your interactions with them, as much as possible.

When even that is not possible, then you must simply become an expert at filtering out what you do not want to enter in through your gates. You must develop the art of learning not to hear. What you cannot help but hear, you must not internalize. You must refuse to let it be absorbed into your consciousness. Yes! You must release it and let it go.

It also necessary to surround yourself with people who affirm you, and help you become more like the person you are on the path to becoming.You must surround yourself with people who, even when corrections are made, know how to make those corrections without in any way deflating your self-esteem.


Chapter 8

Embracing Unconditional Love

If we ever get to the point where we truly understand the love of God, much of today’s religious institutions would become irrelevant and would have to close their doors. The psychiatrists and medical doctors would have to find new professions, for their patients would no longer need their services. A lot of the entertainment industry would not exist, because we would no longer have to seek escape from our fears and loneliness. The Alcohol and Tobacco industry would be a thing of the past. And the oldest profession in the world would be no more, because there would be no more women to exploit.

What it takes, is a complete detoxification/reprogramming of the mind from the concept of judgment. You must replace judgement with the understanding that you are not judged, not now, nor will you ever be. You must completely embed in your consciousness, the knowledge that there is nothing in your past, present or future that can ever prevent you from experiencing unconditional LOVE. You must embrace the reality that you are perfection, manifested on the earth. You are one with Divine Love. You have always been and always will be. Not only are you always enfolded by,and filled with, Divine Love you are love. Love complete in every way.

You must be filled with the understanding that you are spirit, and spirit is eternal in nature. It has no beginning and no end, you always were and always will be. Like a circle, your existence is a continuum. The only thing that ever changes is your location and your form. Like the All, you have no beginning and no end. When your body ceases to operate as a vessel for you, you shall return to the place from whence you came.

With that knowledge you can step forward boldly. Knowing that all that is before you is entirely good, beautiful and lovely. Challenges may come but you must embrace them. You must understand and accept that they are sent to aid in the manifestation of your divinity on the planet. A planet to which you are but a stranger. A pilgrim on a journey to manifest love and harmony, wherever your steps will lead me.

So as you march determinedly forward, you graciously give and accept love, knowing full well that it is but your due.  Yes! You are worthy to receive love. And you must expect and receive it in ever-increasing dimensions. Indeed, till your cup is full and running over. The Divine provides for you as you roam about in green pastures, fulfilling your every desire. Yes! ‘Even though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death’, you will walk boldly. You must take each step with the assurance that the angels/ancestors are your ever-present guides, always seeking your safety and guaranteeing your protection.

Parting Words

‘I am  a treasure, a wonder to behold. There is no one quite like me; the blueprint does not exist. The moment I came into the world, the light of Love was released into the cosmos. Love came to the Earth the day I stepped out onto the planet.’

‘I came not equipped with gifts to share with the world. No ! I Am – The Gift. I Am that special treasure, that men throughout the ages have longed for. All that I came to bring into this universe is expressed, and can only be expressed in and through me. I am special, an expression of the Divine sent by the Omniscient in perfect timing.’

‘I choose from this day forth to let my light blossom wherever I go. For it is for this very reason that I was ushered into this time and space”. I AM LOVE!’


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